Soigne’ + Swank Magazine™ is a digital publication that curates black excellence in business, entertainment, lifestyle, careers, and fashion. Dedicated to honoring our ancestors and inspiring the black culture, this magazine is committed to sharing and highlighting powerful thought-provoking stories, journeys of failure to success, and empowering all things black excellence around the world. Our bi-monthly features will inspire the culture to shine at any level and transcend beyond any barrier.

Our Content

Soigne’ + Swank Magazine™ focuses on content that uplifts, empowers, inspires, and highlights black excellence from entrepreneurship to the executive c-suite. We spotlight issues blacks face culturally, economically, and socially. If you are an experienced writer, influencer, or just starting out – we’d like to hear from you. We take pride in featuring authentic stories with positive editorial voices and real meaning.

Our Founders

As two black women, founders, established business owners, and authors, we want to take a moment to share our vision of Soigne ’+ Swank Magazine™. When we sat out on this journey we had two things in mind — passion and purpose. Our mission was to simply share our culture, but also highlight black excellence and provide positivity within our communities. For us, we want to showcase and present the work that matters to black and brown people.

As time progressed, and we’ve grown, we understand that there’s a bigger picture and higher calling to this periodical. What started out as a simple conversation, led to us taking immediate action. We are honored that you’ve joined us on this journey. Every day we are inspired by your stories and empowered to continue to share them with the world. We had not fathomed the magnitude of how Soigne’ + Swank Magazine™ would resonate with so many, but we are glad to have pushed forward with our dream.

Thank you for supporting our brain-child and contributing to its growth. We want to continue to create cultural connections and displays of “Soigne’ + Swank” in the black culture.

Our Contributing Writers

Acy Brown


Acy Brown
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Cherise Charleswell

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Cherise Charleswell

Don West Jr.


Don West Jr.

Siddiq Iddrisu

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Siddiq Iddrisu

Lateshia Milton, Ph.D.

Lateshia Milton

Latasha N. Eley, Ph.D.

Latasha Eley

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